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Sewer Line Replacement

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The occupants of your home will know if you need to repair or replace the septic system sewer line. If bad odors permeate your house and grounds, your sewer lines can be cracked or clogged. If you have leaking water pooling nearby or your drains are continuously blocked, then your sewer lines could be broken or clogged. This kind of septic system damage can occur when tree roots cause broken lines, or a heavy vehicle has accidentally fractured a sewer line. You should replace the sewer lines before the groundwater becomes infected.

How long should I wait before calling a septic contractor?

If you see the signs that your sewer lines are broken or damaged, you need to call Triangle Septic Contractors right away for emergency assistance. We offer 24-hour support for residential and commercial sewer line repair and replacement. Don’t allow the worry of repair costs to hold you back. We are the most cost-effective repair and replacement specialists in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina.

Septic System Repair Contractors: Repair and Replacement Services

Triangle Septic System Contractors specialize in the replacement and repair of damaged sections of the sewer lines on your property. We have years of experience. We work with highly technical industry-leading equipment. We have provided the septic system repair contractors at Triangle the skills needed to solve your sewage line problems quickly and efficiently.

The Triangle contractors make use of non-invasive, cutting edge CCTV drain inspection cameras. These are what help us determine the exact nature of the damage, what caused the problem, and how quickly we can repair and replace the breaker. Part of our problem-solving abilities means we make the minimum of upheaval to your household. If your garden is something that you want to stay intact and untouched, we can replace the lawn over the area. No one will ever know we dug it up at all.

Part of our minimal damage to your property means that we can obtain septic system mapping on your behalf so that you will always know where the sewer lines are for future reference. If your sewer line damage was caused by a heavy vehicle driving over an area of your lawn that was not mapped to indicate the presence of lines underneath, then you need to keep a map of where the septic system is on your property. This will ensure the sewer line damage never happens again.

Can I plant a garden over my septic system or will it have to be dug up?

It is an excellent idea to plant a garden of perennial flowers around where your septic system is situated. However, the best coverage to have directly over your septic tank is lawn. This is so that contractors can access the workings if something goes wrong. Keep trees from growing too big on the property around the septic system area. Some homeowners like to plant water-loving plants and grasses around the drain field for pretty coverage with minimal chance of line disturbance.

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