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Septic Tank Maintenance - Help prevent costly breakdowns.

Septic Tank Maintenance Service

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Looking after the septic tank system on your property is another household chore that you can leave to a septic tank maintenance technician. Here is some more information about how to schedule septic tank maintenance visits.

Why is the water that conservation septic tanks provide important?

Septic tanks allow solids and scum the time to settle. When they separate from the sewage, it leaves the clear wastewater free to enter the drain field safely. The sludge layers become thicker over time, and this leaves less room for wastewater to settle before draining out. There are limits to the volume of water a septic system can treat. For every cup that enters the septic tank, the same amount is pushed out.

This can lead to an instance of too much water backing up into the house. In turn, it leads to overloading the drain field and surrounding surfaces. Large amounts of water entering the system in a short time will not give the solids enough time to settle. If the wastewater doesn’t escape out to the drain field quickly, it can cause the pipes to block. This is why water conservation is an essential factor in septic tank maintenance.

Why can’t I use a garbage disposal with a septic tank?

Part of septic tank care is to schedule a regular septic tank inspection. You will need to get the system cleaned by pumping at least once a year, making sure garbage has no chance to filter through to the tank. Avoid the following items reaching the septic system: cat litter (not even the flushable varieties); tissue paper; tobacco products; earbuds; diapers; prophylactics; hygiene products; wipes; plastics; dental floss.

Garbage disposals have a big impact on how often you will need to have your septic tank pumped. Bacteria do not quickly digest food. This causes a thicker scum layer to build up and accumulate. If a large volume of water enters the tank, the excess scum can cause blockages.

How often can I use additives in my septic tank?

You should avoid the use of additives such as an enhancer or a stimulator. These additives don’t help the septic tank to function any better. Any claims that adding an enhancer is needed to restore the balance of bacteria is false. Bacteria occur naturally in the septic system already. They are part of the waste products that are present. According to the Department of Health in the United States, no additives replace the need for routine pumping and other maintenance.

When a homeowner ensures that the septic system on their property is well-maintained, it saves money in the long term. Responsible upkeep, such as cleaning, pumping, and water conservation, coupled with a routine inspection to check on the functions, will help reduce the number of expensive septic tank repairs.

Good septic tank maintenance can be supported by signs around the kitchen and bathrooms that alert guests to the correct disposal of garbage and waste. An inspection of the system before a large party of people arrives is also a good idea.

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