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Septic Tank Repair

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When you have a septic tank installed on your property, there are two main points to keep in mind. You can even print these phrases out and use them as signage in the bathroom and kitchen. They are:

  1. Toilets aren’t trash cans.
  2. Think at the sink.

When the occupants of your home take these requests seriously, it can resolve many problems in the future. Thoughtfulness, in conjunction with frequent septic inspection and pumping, efficient water use, and drain field maintenance, means that you should never need septic tank repair at all.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, many septic systems fail and need repair because of poor maintenance or inappropriate design. It can also be because the family has moved into a house with a septic system, and it is not adequate for their needs. If you have installed a septic tank at a site with an inappropriate drain field, high groundwater tables, or excessive sloping, this can lead to the system failing. When this happens, there is a very real possibility of the contamination of nearby water sources and subsequent hydraulic failure.

These are the times when you need to look at your septic tank repair options.

Septic Tank Repair Advice

On-site treatment of wastewater is the septic system solution choice of over one-third of American homes. The septic system in your home is, without doubt, the most important feature of its inner-workings. Over 1 trillion gallons of sewage and wastewater flow through American septic systems every year.

It is essential to use a qualified and licensed septic system repair company to help with the repair of your septic tank. When you choose Triangle Septic Contractors to assist you with your problem, you can rest easy in our years of experience. We have dealt with every kind of septic system failure.

  • We can expertly assess the situation quickly and offer the most cost-effective way to fix the problem. Triangle will ensure that we complete every repair to the highest Health Department regulations.
  • Having your septic tank pumped is an excellent way of eliminating backup, blocked drains, and odors. It will help the problem temporarily by holding several days’ worth of waste so that any clogging can be located in between the septic tank and the house.
  • A septic system contractor will be able to discover if high groundwater levels cause the repair work problem.
  • In the interim, it will help if the household uses less water until you finish the repairs. Your septic contractor can help you with water-saving tips and devices. You should place the tips in the bathroom and kitchen areas for all to see.
  • At the first sign of bad odors, blocked drains, and sinks that backup, your septic system is trying to let you know there is a problem. The sooner you locate the section of the septic system that is compromised and needs repair, the more cost-effective the efforts of your local septic system contractor will be. Whether it's pumping or a sewer line repair, call us today!

Being quick to track the problem and being proactive in getting it repaired is critical in septic tank maintenance.

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