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Would you like to know more about the pumping and cleaning of septic tanks? Ideally, you should pump out septic tanks every five years. You need to pump out your tank to keep the disposal system working at maximum efficiency. However, if you don't keep your septic tank system maintained, and it becomes blocked or begins to overflow, it will need to be pumped more frequently. Here is the information you need on pumping and cleaning a septic tank.

How often should I do septic tank pumping and cleaning?

If there is any sign that your septic tank has a problem, such as pooling water, drainage backup in the home, and odors or indications of sewer waste, you need to contact a septic tank cleaning service immediately. Septic tank pumping in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a service we offer at Triangle.

If you only need to have your septic system inspected or maintained with regular pumping and cleaning, you can check your maintenance manual to see when your next service is due. Having it done once a year on average is best if something hasn’t blocked the system.

What sections of the septic tank system need checking, pumping, and cleaning?

If there are signs of a problem or if your septic tank is scheduled for an annual inspection, check the inside parts of the tank.

  • The scum blanket needs to be checked and cleaned. If it becomes too thick, the inlet pipe may become blocked.
  • The sludge level must be checked to see how much has accumulated in the tank. If it’s full, it needs to be pumped and cleaned.
  • The inlet and outlet pipes can become blocked by solid matter if you do not have them inspected, pumped, and cleaned.
  • You need to check the septic tank bottom, lids, and sides for cracks after pumping and cleaning.

The septic tank cleaning service you choose will take care of disposing of the waste at an authorized disposal site. The service will also provide you with the technical help you need to assess the inside parts of the tank.

What does septic tank pumping entail?

The sludge inside the tank is pumped out into a tanker. The tanker will then take it to a disposal site. These sites are guarded at all times until you have finished the job. When the septic tank is empty, it has to be filled with water before you can use it again.

We recommend that you have the septic tank on your property pumped and cleaned before you have a large gathering or party. The septic system chosen for your home takes into account the number of people who will be using it. If there is a sudden influx of visitors and wastewater production, this can lead to problems with the septic system.

Having your tank pumped and cleaned before a big occasion is crucial. When you have guests stay over, advise them on what items are not allowed to become part of the wastewater system. If you run into any septic system problems while guests are over, call Triangle Septic Contractors today!

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